posted on Oct. 24: Alcohol awareness campaign back on campus


Students have the opportunity to visit the Downstairs John today to learn something new about alcohol awareness.

The alcohol awareness day provides an opportunity for McMaster students of all ages to learn about the importance of responsible alcohol use in an entertaining, student-friendly environment.

Spirit's Day runs today from 11:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.

This is the third year Spirits Canada has partnered with Bacchus Canada, McMaster University and local alcohol education groups to stage an innovative educational program aimed at teaching students in real world situations about the responsible use of alcohol.

Hosted by the University's Student Health Service and the McMaster Student Union Bar Operations, the day involves a combination of campus and community partners.

These include housing & conference services, residence life, the student health education centre, the Pulse and three distillers.

About 15 booths with displays and material are available for students who want more information.