posted on Oct. 17: University mail services update


The following update is from Ron Angus, director of Risk Management Services:

Mail services in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business reopened for business this afternoon. The office was shut down earlier today after staff reported a suspicious package.

McMaster security and Hamilton police were called. The package has now been removed from campus and will be disposed of by police.

It is important that people know that they should call security if they are concerned about any mail they receive at work. The University has a system in place to handle this type of situation and I believe today's experience shows that system works well. McMaster is committed to taking every precaution to ensure safety.

In this case:

  • The package was suspicious only because of the way it was addressed. There were no signs of powder or any contamination. The package was not opened and the mailroom area was temporarily closed.
  • The University's crisis management team was called to assess the situation. It worked with authorities to ensure that accurate and factual information was provided to the campus community.
  • Mailroom staff worked with police in their investigation. No one was hurt and staff returned to work this afternoon.

My message to you earlier today included tips on identifying suspicious mail. If you have any concerns about mail you receive please call Security Services at ext. 24281.