posted on Oct. 16: University mail service disrupted


The following message was distributed to the McMaster community today from Ron Angus, director of Risk Management Services:

Dear members of the McMaster community:

Mail services on campus have been temporarily interrupted today after a member of the mail services staff was concerned about a package received by the University. Security Services were immediately called. The normal procedure for a suspicious package is for security to inform Hamilton police who are now on campus investigating.

There is no evidence that the package is dangerous but the current heightened sense of security across the country means that every precaution needs to be taken.

The mailroom in the Michael G. DeGroote building has been closed. However, access to other areas near the mailroom is not restricted. Mailroom staff are assisting police with the investigation.

Although the majority of mail at McMaster passes through either the Faculty of Health Sciences or the MGD mailroom, other mail is sometimes directly delivered to offices and is dealt with by other employees.

Here are a few tips to help identify suspicious mail:

  • No return address
  • Return address and postmark are not from the same area
  • Grease stains or discolouration
  • Strange odors
  • Hand written or poorly typed addresses

A common sense approach is best but if you have any concerns about mail you receive please call security at ext. 24281.