posted on Nov. 5: New recognition policy will recognize cumulative service


McMaster is adopting a new service recognition policy. The University is revising most policies and practices directly related to employee years of service.

The concept of “continuous service” is being replaced by that of “cumulative service.” This will enable McMaster to recognize the total service of those full-time and regular part-time salaried and hourly employees who, at some time(s), left the employ of McMaster, but returned.

“The new policy is part of McMaster University's commitment to continuously improve the experience of working at McMaster and its employee recognition practices,” says Karen Belaire vice-president administration. It evolved from a recommendation by staff.

Under the new policy, total cumulative length of service will count toward:

7 Vacation entitlements

7 Recognition/Service Awards

7 Severance entitlements (except where already paid)

The policy is effective Jan. 1, 2002 for recognition/service award purposes, and July 1, 2002 for any benefit entitlement. It is not retroactive.

Potential pension entitlements may also apply where an individual's circumstances meet criteria established under The Pension Act, and comply with McMaster University's related pension policies.

Salary continuance in lieu of sick leave time is not applicable. Sick leave time will be based on the most recent date of hire.

If you left the employ of McMaster University and subsequently returned on one or more occasions, please contact HR Services to ensure this information is on file.

McMaster University employees who believe that this policy change affects them and that they may be entitled to adjustments in the areas listed above, should e-mail HR Services' Labour & Employee Relations Group at or call Carol Nelson at 905-525-9140 ext. 23850. Each case will be reviewed by the director of HR operations.