posted on May 4: University, MUSA negotiators meet with mediator next week


Negotiators for the University and the McMaster University Staff Association have taken the first steps toward a mediated/arbitrated collective agreement.

The two parties met with mediator/arbitrator George Adams this week to discuss the process that will be followed to achieve a settlement. The three parties are scheduled to meet again on Thursday, May. 10. Meeting dates have also been set for the months of June and July. A total of eight days have been scheduled and confirmed for what is called the “med/arb process” (May 10, June 4 and 5, July 9,10,11 and 31).

The mediation/arbitration process may involve up to three phases followed by implementation of a resulting collective agreement.

Phase 1, as agreed to by both parties, will be pre-mediation. The parties will prepare documents which will be submitted to the mediator before the first meeting on May 10.

Mediation will occur in Phase 2. Both parties will meet with Adams who, in his role as mediator, will attempt to bring closure to all outstanding issues, both monetary and non-monetary. If this process is completely successful, the third phase, arbitration is not required.

Any issues that are not resolved through mediation, will be finalized through arbitration. Adams, as arbitrator, issues a final and binding ruling on issues that are outstanding.

Once a decision is reached or rendered the mediated/arbitrated settlement is announced and implemented as a final and binding collective agreement.