posted on May 24: Purchasing Resources, Financial Services staff preparing for June 1 move


Staff from some areas of Purchasing Resources and Financial Services are packing up, preparing for their move to the courthouse June 1.

Movers will come in next Friday morning and on Monday morning (June 4), 43 staff will begin their work day on the fourth floor of the former Wentworth County courthouse.

Staff who are moving downtown June 1 are from the areas of Payroll, Purchasing, Customs & Traffic, Accounts Payable, Travel and Accounting & Control. Student Accounts Receivable, the Cashier's Office, both store locations and Mail Services are not moving.

Lilian Scime, assistant vice-president administration, said the departments will be communicating directly with their users via e-mail about any specific changes in operating procedures.

“Our plan is to ensure that the move goes smoothly and that business carries on as before once everyone is moved in,” said Scime, who will move to the courthouse campus in September.

Purchasing Resources and Financial Services will be closed to visitors Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June 1. On those days, students can continue to make payments on accounts at Titles Bookstore or leave payments in the drop box outside of Gilmour Hall, room 208 and can consult MUGSI for account balances.

“Once everyone is moved in and we're through year end, Business Management Service staff will consult with their customers to determine how we can provide service more effectively from our new location,” said Scime.

The moving company has supplied the departments with plastic tote boxes to move files and other items, said Terry Galan, director of Purchasing Resources. His staff will begin unpacking Friday afternoon and those that are able will be in on the weekend to continue the unpacking process, he said.

Computing & Information Services staff will be working through the June 2 weekend to ensure all the computer connections are working when staff arrive on the Monday morning.

Galan said the University community should know that all phone extensions, fax numbers and e-mail addresses remain the same.

The departments at the courthouse will have twice daily mail service as well and mail only needs to be addressed to Purchasing or Financial Services as it will be sorted by Mail Services for delivery, Galan said.

New work stations that have been purchased are already in place on the fourth floor of the courthouse building. Staff to be based at the downtown campus will be given security cards and keys that work with the security system already in place at the building.

University planner Linda Axford said the move to the 50 Main St. East building was deferred from earlier in the month because some staff had just returned to work after the McMaster University Staff Association strike and because some staff were dealing with the financial year-end.

“It would have been too difficult because of both of those situations,” Axford said.

Continuing education staff and the Human Resources staff training personnel will be moving into the second-floor area later this summer. A design firm was hired to draw up a plan for classrooms, labs and breakout rooms for the second-floor area that now houses four large courtrooms.

In July, the United Nations University will be moving from its offices in the John Hodgins Engineering building into an area on the first floor of the courthouse.

Axford said the University will have access to the entire building by Sept. 1