posted on March 9:University files court injunction to limit picketing


McMaster will be in court on Wednesday, March 14 in an attempt to limit picketing on campus.

“MUSA picketers have obstructed students, faculty and others who are trying to get to campus,” says Karen Belaire, vice-president, administration. “Picketing is a normal part of any strike, but the delays people are experiencing getting onto campus are excessive. Our students are being particularly inconvenienced.”

Since picketing began a week ago drivers have been forced to wait up to three hours to get on campus.

Belaire says the University's injunction request is also based on public safety issues. “There have been incidents on the picket line that have caused us concern. Frustration with the long and irregular waiting times is building. The University will act to make sure the situation on the picket line improves.”

The injunction request is expected to be heard in court on Wednesday morning.