posted on March 8: MUSA decides not to continue benefits for striking members


MUSA has decided not to pay for the cost of benefits for its striking members. Despite repeated attempts by the University to get an answer from the union, and three extensions of the deadline for an answer, MUSA has failed to provide a cheque to the University to extend the benefits.

The union decision could have meant the suspension of all benefits for striking MUSA workers. However, the University has decided that it will continue to provide benefits on a limited basis. McMaster will continue to pay for basic life insurance coverage for all employees who are members of MUSA. Optional life insurance will also be continued unless employees confirm their intention to suspend the benefit while on strike.

Major medical and dental benefits will be continued for employees in accommodated positions and for those MUSA members who continue to report to work during the strike.
(A more detailed explanation of the benefit situation is contained in the attached letter that was delivered to MUSA on March 7.)

It is standard practice for employers to discontinue both salary and benefits during a work stoppage.