posted on March 3: MUSA and University meet


The bargaining teams for McMaster and the McMaster University Staff Association met on Saturday afternoon (March 3).

“We had an opportunity to discuss some compensation issues and agreed to meet again on Sunday morning,” says Roberta Shaw, a member of the University's bargaining team.

The University also offered to extend the time MUSA has to decide whether it wishes to pay to maintain benefits for its members. Shaw says, “The University had originally asked MUSA to decide by noon on Friday. We've now extended that by 48 hours.”

Benefits are a part of an employee's normal compensation package. The University has offered MUSA the option of paying the cost of the benefit plan for its members during the strike. The cost is approximately $260,000 per month. This decision can only be made by MUSA.

People trying to get to campus on Saturday once again faced delays because of picket lines.