posted on March 19: Continuing Ed proceeding with spring term courses


Continuing Education is getting ready for its spring term.

It's business as usual despite the current labour dispute, reports Dale
Schenk, director of the Centre for Continuing Education. “We are going
to be sending out our calendar in the next few weeks and students can
register for spring and summer term courses in the usual way.”

The calendar will be sent to all active continuing education students.
Those who don't receive one are encouraged to call ext. 24321. Students can register by calling the office (at the number above), by faxing in their registration form(546-1690), by mailing in registrations, or by visiting the Centre for Continuing Education in person. Office hours during the labour dispute are 10 a.m. to 12 noon and 1-3 p.m. daily. The office is located in the Commons Building, Room 116. Visa or Mastercard information is required for fax or telephone registration.

Editor's note:

The following statement was received by the Daily News March 20:

Regarding the article on the Daily News Homepage on Monday March 19, entitled “Continuing Ed. proceeding with spring term courses”, I would like to clarify a point: in the article, it was stated that it is business as usual at C.C.E. – this is not correct.

The point of the article was to respond to our students who have inquired about whether or not we will run this year's Spring/ Summer courses. We plan to offer these classes, and we hope that by knowing this, our students will register as usual. However, without our MUSA staff members, it is certainly not business as usual – in fact, we are trying to maintain only those critical services that will keep the department functional until they return.

The use of terminology “business as usual” was incorrectly stated, and was most disrespectful to my own CCE staff. For that I am truly sorry and offer my own sincere apologies to my staff, for whom I have nothing but the greatest respect. These people are vital to our department and perform their roles in ways that have reflected positively on themselves and the department. There is a great difference between being able to maintain only basic functions and carrying on business as usual, and it was a gross overstatement on my part to make that claim.

Dale Schenk,
Director, C.C.E.