posted on March 16: Scholarship, fellowship funding awarded to more than 50 researchers


More than 50 promising McMaster researchers have been awarded scholarship and fellowship funding in the 2001 competition from two key federal government funding agencies.

At least 48 researchers in the fields of science or engineering received scholarship or fellowship awards from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for research to be conducted at McMaster.

For a complete list, click on 2001 Scholarships and Fellowships Competition Results.
The scholarships are valued at $17,300 or $19,100 annually, based on the year of graduate study and the post-doctoral fellowships are valued at $35,000 annually.

The areas of research McMaster scholars will be involved with include physics & astronomy, biochemistry, kinesiology, biology and engineering.

NSERC supports basic university research through research grants and project research through partnerships among universities, governments and the private sector.

Four researchers — in the disciplines of anthropology and philosophy — are recipients of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) 2001 post-doctoral fellowships.

The fellowship allows a researcher to begin two-years of full-time research at a university or research institution. For a list of award winners, click on Post-Doctoral Fellowships 2001 Competition Results.

There were 380 candidates in this year's SSHRC awards competition. Award winners receive a fellowship valued at $35,028 per year plus a $5,000 allowance to help cover direct research costs.