posted on March 12: University and MUSA to appear before Ontario Labour Relations Board


A number of complaints from both McMaster and the University
Staff Association (MUSA) will be heard at a pre-hearing at the
Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) on Wednesday, March

“The University had proposed late last week that it was willing to
fully withdraw its complaints if MUSA would do the same,” says
Mark Haley, assistant vice-president of human resources and a
member of the University's bargaining team. “Withdrawing the
complaints would let us focus on the negotiations to reach a
collective agreement. We believe it's more important to
concentrate on the negotiations.”

MUSA informed the University it was not willing to withdraw its
complaints. In a communication to its members MUSA states,
“MUSA has rejected this proposal as the Board may rule on
issues that will have a significant impact on the contract talks
and the relationship between the Association and McMaster.
MUSA has been waiting since last July to get a hearing date. We
see no benefit in not proceeding at this time.”

According to Haley, “The decision to go ahead to the OLRB
means two lost negotiation days. We need to spend Tuesday
preparing for the hearing. On Wednesday members of the
University's negotiating team will be at the OLRB. We can't be in
two places at once.” The University hopes to return to the
bargaining table on Thursday.

The University will also be in a Hamilton court on Wednesday
pursuing an injunction to limit picketing on campus.