posted on June 3: McMaster’s Alumni Gallery boasts 11 new members


Eleven alumni became the newest members of McMaster's Alumni Gallery Saturday. The induction ceremony was held in Convocation Hall, University Hall 213. The new members join about 250 others who are considered some of McMaster's most interesting graduates.

The new members are:

Julia Alleyne '82 BHSc (PT), '87 MD, Faculty of Health Sciences

Julia Alleyne has devoted her career to the advancement of women and physical activity, most notably inventing an innovative
sports bra. She is a well known researcher, clinician, teacher, and consultant.

Marta Dvorak '73 BA (Hon), '74 MA, Faculty of Humanities

Marta Dvorak is currently a professor at the Sorbonne with a special interest in introducing Canadian and Commonwealth
literature to French audiences. During her student years she was a member of McMaster's Chamber Music Quartet, the
Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, the McMaster Editorial Board, the Silhouette, and was involved in all the McMaster
French drama productions.

Margaret Boggs Ewart '38 BA, Faculty of Humanities

Over the years, Margaret Boggs Ewart has been an active student, alumna, and community member. As a student, she was involved in a
number of sports and social activities. She is well known as a vital community volunteer.

Delsworth Harnish '82 PhD, Faculty of Science

Delsworth Harnish is well recognized as an innovative teacher and facilitator. He has pioneered the integration of the classroom and
the internet with “LearnLink,” an online discussion group that fosters interdisciplinary and problem-based learning. Harnish
helped to design and is currently the associate dean of the Bachelor of Health Sciences program.

Kevin G. Lynch, '80 PhD, Faculty of Social Science

As the current Deputy Minister of Finance, Kevin Lynch provides advice on matters of concern to the Department and Minister
of Finance. Under Finance Minister Paul Martin, Lynch has initiated several of the deficit reduction policies that led to the current
budget surplus.

Bryan Massam, '67 MA, '69 PhD, Faculty of Science

Bryan Massam is currently a professor of geography at York University. His work focuses on urban geography and urban
planning. He has worked all over the world and presented at many international conferences on urban planning.

Ronald E. Materick, '70 B.Eng., Faculty of Engineering

Ronald Materick has made his mark in the community through both humanitarian and corporate achievement. He has been the
president of the Western Region of Tishman Construction for 21 years. He has established a research fellowship in leukemia
and works to preserve and restore historic landmarks in Illinois.

James Orbinski, '89 MD, Faculty of Health Science

James Orbinski is a founding member of the Canadian chapter, Midecins Sans Frontihres/Doctors Without Borders. He has worked
in troubled areas all over the world coordinating humanitarian relief efforts. Orbinski accepted the Nobel Prize in 1999 on behalf of the humanitarian organization.

Barna Szabados, '69 M.Eng, '71 PhD., Faculty of Engineering

Barna Szabados has received a great deal of recognition for his invention of a dimming device for florescent lights that could
potentially save billions of dollars. He is now an electrical and computer engineering professor and director of the Power
Research Laboratory at McMaster.

Mabel Taylor, '22 BA, Faculty of Humanities

Mabel Taylor was an active student, alumna and community volunteer. In her remarkable life, she was chair of the campaign to build Alumni Memorial Hall and the first female chair of the Hamilton Public Library board. Taylor died on Feb. 27, 2001. She was inducted into the Alumni Gallery posthumously.

Mary Anne White, '79 PhD, Faculty of Science

Mary Anne White is an avid researcher and enthusiastic teacher. She is currently the Killam Research Professor in Material Science at
Dalhousie University. Through her extra-curricular activities, like public broadcasting and the development of the Discovery
Centre, she shares her enthusiasm for science with others.