posted on June 27: Four more Canada Research Chairs awarded; About $2.5 million in research facility grants announced


McMaster has received four new Canada Research Chairs (CRC) and about $2.5 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation for infrastructure funding for CRC award winners.

This third round of Canada Research Chairs awards brings the University's total to 26.

The four newest recipients are conducting research in the areas of antibacterial drugs, globalization, semiconductor devices and data communications and digital signal processing.

They are:

  • Eric Brown, Department of Biochemistry, Canada Research Chair in Antimicrobial Research
  • William Coleman, Department of Political Science, Canada Research Chair in Global Governance and Public Policy
  • Jamal Deen, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Canada Research Chair in Information Technology
  • Zhi-Quan (Tom) Luo, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,
    Canada Research Chair in Information Processing

A fifth recipient, John Lavis, an assistant professor of clinical epidemiology & biostatistics, was awarded a Canada Research Chair between rounds two and three. Lavis is the Canada Research Chair in Knowledge Transfer and Uptake in Health Policy-Making Environments. He will study whether and under what conditions, federal and provincial policy makers make use of evidenced-based health research to improve the health of Canadians.

For profiles of all McMaster recipients, click on Canada Research Chair Chairholder Profiles.

The federal government dedicated $900 million in its 2000 budget to create 2,000 Canada Research Chairs in universities across the country by 2005. About 400 new chairs will be named in each of the next five years with chairholders coming from inside and outside Canada. The goal of the program is to help universities become world-class research centres.

The Canada Foundation for Innovation funding is money that will help researchers build the labs and facilities needed to conduct their research.

McMaster's award-winning projects in this round include money for an optoelectronics research laboratory, an online edition of philosopher Bertrand Russell's collected letters and a facility dedicated to molecular, physiological, and environmental
research on fish.
The award winners are:

  • Walter Craig, (Science), Project Title: Applied and Industrial Mathematical Sciences Laboratory,
    and Computing Environment,
    CFI Contribution: $213,800
  • Digby Elliott, (Social Science), Project Title: Visual Control of Movement in Special Populations,
    CFI Contribution: $69,126
  • Nicholas Griffin, (Humanities),
    Project Title: On-Line Edition of the Collected Letters of Bertrand
    CFI Contribution: $114,643
  • Adam Hitchcock , (Science),
    Project Title: Tools for Sychrotron-based microscopy,
    CFI Contribution: $70,344
  • John Kelton, (Health Sciences),
    Project Title: Infrastructure support for the McMaster Transfusion
    Medicine Trials Centre,
    CFI Contribution: $172,289
  • Christopher Wood, (Science),
    Project Title: Facility for Molecular, Physiological, and Environmental
    Research on Fish,
    CFI Contribution: $356,632
  • Eric Brown and Gerard Wright, (Health Sciences),
    Project Title: Protein Structure and Function Tools for Use in
    Antimicrobial Research Program,
    CFI Contribution: $186,059
  • William Coleman,(Social Science),
    Project Title: Global Video Facility,
    CFI Contribution: $36,800
  • Jamal Deen, (Engineering),
    Project Title: Optoelectronics Research Laboratory,
    CFI Contribution: $447,146
  • Zhi-Quan Luo, (Engineering),
    Project Title: Testing and Analysis Experiment for Information
    Processing Laborator,
    CFI Contribution: $198,640
  • Peter Rosenbaum, (Health Sciences),
    Project Title: Research Partnerships in Childhood Disability:
    Exploiting Innovative Technologies to Facilitate Multi-Site
    Research and Dissemination,
    CFI Contribution: $90,701
  • Shelley Saunders, (Social Sciences),
    Project Title: Skeletal Studies of Human Disease and Population
    Origins: Molecular and Histological Analyses,
    CFI Contribution: $113,287