posted on June 13: 157 McMaster commuters participate in national challenge


[img_inline align=”right” src=””]A total of 157 people at McMaster registered their commitment to keeping our air clean by participating in the National Commuter Challenge held in Hamilton and across Canada on Wednesday, June 6.

That's almost four times the number of McMaster staff, students and
faculty who participated in the Clean Air Day last year. The
participants elected to travel to and from campus using their feet,
their bicycles and public transportation in a bid to help reduce the
smog in Hamilton and raise awareness about what can be done to keep our air clean.

Based on the registrations submitted, the most popular methods of
transportation for McMaster commuters were biking (57) and walking
(54). Thirty-one people elected to take the bus, eight chose to carpool(two or more people), six strapped on inline skates and one jogged the distance.

“Bicycling to work was the most popular mode of transportation chosen by faculty, staff and students at McMaster who signed up for the event,” says Sarah Robinson, who helped to co-ordinate the event at McMaster. Robinson, a fourth-year kinesiology student, is working as a summer student in the office of the University Planner and is conducting research on environmental policy and issues at McMaster.

McMaster's total will be combined with others in Hamilton who registered online with the city and who participated in team challenges across the city.

Jennifer Dawson, air quality project co-ordinator, Green Venture,
reports some 55 organizations in Hamilton registered to participate in
the event, part of National Environment Week (June 3-9). The total
number of participants in the Hamilton Commuter Challenge is still being tallied.

“McMaster's participation rate quadrupled this year,” Dawson reported, “which will give a big boost to our bid for the National Commuter Challenge crown. Thanks Mac!”