posted on July 31: Arbitrator releases interim award for McMaster University Staff Association


A message was issued to the McMaster community on Tuesday afternoon regarding the arbitrator's release of an interim award for the McMaster University Staff Association (MUSA).

A copy of the joint communique from McMaster University president Peter George and MUSA president Barry Diacon follows:

We wish to inform you that arbitrator George Adams has released an
interim award in the settlement of the McMaster University Staff
Association's first contract with the University.

As you recall, the University and MUSA agreed in April to voluntary
mediation/arbitration. The interests and priorities of each party were presented to the arbitrator in May and June. At that time it was
anticipated that a final award would be issued by the arbitrator by July 31, 2001.

After having considered the party's interests, Mr. Adams has issued an interim award. He has indicated that he requires additional clarification on some issues and is currently attempting to confirm a date to meet with both parties to finalize the complete award.

The interim award provides MUSA members with the final details around
salary increases and improvements to the major medical and dental
benefit plans.

The award provides for increases as follows:

2.0% 1999/00

3.2% 2000/01

3.0% 2001/02

2.5% 2002/03

We encourage all members of the community to take the time to become
informed about the interim award.

Complete details on salary increases
and the salary grid can be found on both the McMaster Human Resources and the MUSA Web sites.

The interim award begins the process of implementing MUSA's first
collective agreement. This award marks the beginning of a new
relationship between MUSA and the University.