posted on Jan. 9: Humanities Essay Prizes submission deadline is Jan. 11


The Humanities Essay Prizes are awarded for outstanding essays written for courses in the humanities.

The deadline for Term 1 essays is Friday, Jan. 11. The prize winners will be announced Feb. 28.

Eight 1st place prizes are awarded each year: one per level per term. The 1st prize in each category is $250, with the 2nd prize in each category being $50.

At the end of the fall term and at the end of the spring term, students may submit essays for consideration.

Instructors will encourage authors of outstanding essays to enter the competition, but students are free to submit their work whether or not they have been advised by an instructor to do so.

Any student in any program is eligible for this award.

Students are asked to submit a clean copy of the essay to Christa Schlechta, Office of the Dean of Humanities, CNH-112.

Each submission should include the following information:
name, student number, address, e-mail address and telephone number; the title and date of the essay; the course name and number; the instructor's name and signature to indicate approval.

Deadline for submission of Term 2 papers is Wednesday, May 1, with prize winners being announced on June 28.