posted on Jan. 11: New programs approved for arts & science, peace studies, health studies, information technology


Senate approved the establishment of several new programs at its Jan. 9 meeting. The highlights of the programs are:

  • Combined honours in arts & science and peace studies – Students who want to enter this program must complete an application to Level II in mid-March to be considered for admission.
  • Bachelor of arts in health studies as a second degree – There is limited enrolment to this program. Selection is based on academic achievement but requires, as a minimum, completion of an undergraduate degree from a recognized university normally with a minimum cumulative average of 3.5. As second degree candidates, applicants must apply for admission to the University by March 1, indicating they want to apply for health studies as a second degree.
  • Combined bachelor of arts in health studies and another subject – Enrolment is limited and selection is based on academic achievement but requires, as a minimum, completion of any Level I program with a minimum cumulative average of 3.5 and satisfaction of admission requirements for the B.A. in the other subject.
  • Bachelor of arts in humanities (general) as an exit degree – The introduction of this degree is designed solely as an exit degree and would be available to students who have completed at least 90 units of work, with a minimum of 12 units of Level III courses, while registered in an honours program. This degree will only be available to students who are unable to proceed in, or graduate from, the honours program or any three-year bachelor of arts program. This is an option that would benefit students who want to graduate after three years and attend teachers' college.
  • Certificate in information technology – The certificate in information technology (InfoTech leader program) was an initiative of the Office of the Provost and associated with the McMaster University Futures Fund (the fund wound up last year). The goal was to equip University employees with new technology skills. These employees would form a corps of InfoTech leaders to give basic computer support to colleagues in their departments. The program is now being offered to a wider community and consists of two levels of six courses each. Level 1 or InfoTech Coach, covers basic computer concepts, security concerns, Web page creation and computer problem solving. Level 2 or InfoTech Adviser covers electronic publishing, intellectual property, presentation tools and techniques, emerging technologies and project management.

Senate also approved changing the name of the drama program to theatre & film studies.