posted on Feb. 28: MUSA answers members’ questions about strike vote


The McMaster University Staff Association sent the following e-mail message, a list of freqently asked questions, to its members late yesterday:

1. If I vote for a strike, will it be called right away?

No. A Bargaining Session will be organized immediately after the vote

2. When would a strike be called?

Sorry, we can't answer that because we don't know. We can only hope that

the bargaining would be productive, and so avoid strike action.

3. How will I know if a strike is called?

Listen to the local radio stations for an announcement (similar to the
procedures for a snow day).

4. What do I do in the event of a strike?

If you have not already registered for picket duty, please go to the
Sterling Street gate and register with the picket co-ordinator.

5. What do I do with my e-mail/voice-mail messaging?

Compose your Vacation/Absence message today, without enabling the
message. If a strike is called, you can enable the message from home, or by accessing the system from a Hamilton Public Library terminal.

Voice-mail messages can be changed from home by phoning 525-9140, ext.

The University has the right to change messages it deems unsuitable. You might try: I am away from my desk until further notice. I will return to regular duties at the conclusion of the present labour dispute at McMaster University.


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