posted on Dec. 4: 163 McMaster employees honoured for years of service


If you do the math, the numbers are astounding.

A minimum of 2,400 years of service to McMaster and counting.

Recently, 163 McMaster employees were honoured at a Service Recognition Awards annual luncheon held to mark the worthy service of those who have been employed by the University for at least 15 years.

“It is no small feat these days to accumulate 15, 20, 30, 35 or 39 years of service to an employer,” said President Peter George. “As our society becomes more mobile and technology makes the world seem smaller, people have more choices about what they want to do, where they want to work and how they see their careers unfolding. These new facts of life make all of you even more exceptional.”

The University has instituted a new award category this year, marking 35 years of service. Twelve employees were honoured in that category this year.

Mark Haley, assistant vice-president human resources, told the luncheon that one employee could hit the 40-year mark next year, a first for the service recognition awards.

President George, who has been with the University for 37 years, told the award recipients that “every person is an important part of what makes this University successful.”

He noted: “Although each of you has a different reason for deciding to be at McMaster, I hope that at least a part of why you continue your career here at the University is because you feel it's a good place to work. We've had our challenges. We haven't always gotten everything right. But for me there is something about the spirit and community of our University that transcends the issues of the day.”

For a complete list of the award honorees, please click on 2001 Service Recognition Awards.

Photo: Employees from all parts of the University were honoured for their years of service.

Photo by Rob Tatlock