posted on Dec. 18: McMaster garners 17 Canada Research Chairs in first round


Seventeen McMaster researchers are among the first 195 recipients of the Canada Research Chairs Program.

The University garnered the second highest number of recipients in the province and the third highest number in Canada during the first round of allocations. The University of Toronto was first with 39 chairs and the University of British Columbia and the University of Montreal were tied for second with 20.
Prime Minister Jean Chritien announced the recipients and their areas of research in a press release issued Friday, Dec. 15.

For a complete list of all recipients, go to the Office of the Prime Minister.

Budget 2000 allocated $900 million to help Canadian universities attract and retain the best researchers and achieve research excellence in health, natural sciences, technology, social sciences and humanities.

Two thousand Canada Research Chairs will be established by 2004-05.

“By retaining top-level researchers at our universities and attracting others from beyond our borders, the Canada Research Chairs Program, will help Canada stay at the forefront of the global knowledge-based economy, ” said the Prime Minister. “The work of these gifted individuals will help sustain our unmatched quality of life and build new Canadian prosperity in the 21st Century. I warmly congratulate all recipients and I am particularly pleased that some of our best Canadian researchers are returning home to further their work.”

The Canada Research Chairs Program, part of an overall plan to encourage Canada's innovation, will: promote leading-edge research and innovation in universities;provide exciting opportunities for Canadian researchers; and, attract the best research minds in the world to Canadian universities.

The first 195 recipients include 15 researchers from outside Canada, seven of whom are returning Canadians. Their appointments represent an initial $213 million investment in areas of expertise.