posted on Dec. 14: McMaster President to take leave of absence


McMaster President Peter George will take a leave of absence early next year.

Board of Governors Chair Ed Minich calls it a well-deserved break.

“The Changing Tomorrow Today campaign was a tremendous success but it meant the President was on duty close to seven days a week for the past few years. Peter went above and beyond what was expected during the campaign and that, combined with his dedication to his other tasks, means he deserves some time to recharge his batteries.”

President George will be away from campus from Feb. 1 to April 15, 2002. In his absence, Peter Sutherland, currently acting provost on leave from his post as dean of the Faculty of Science, will be acting President. John Drake will continue to serve as acting dean of Science.

President George says that the agreed-to leave of absence, originally scheduled to take place between his first and second terms as President was postponed because, “The campaign was in full gear and there was no way I could be absent until it was complete. As we headed towards the end of the campaign we began the search for the new provost and it would have been impossible to be away until he and I had at least a short period of time to work together.” Ken Norrie assumes the role of provost on Jan. 1.

The President, who also decided to shorten his leave from three to two-and-a-half months, says, “It will seem very strange to be away from campus but Allison and I are both looking forward to some time for reflection and rejuvenation.”

The appointments of the acting President and acting dean of science were approved at this week's meetings of the Senate and Board of Governors.