posted on Dec. 13: Cancelled exams rescheduled


The Office of the Registrar has rescheduled all exams cancelled because the University was closed due to the snowstorm Monday night and Tuesday.

Registrar George Granger said a team of people involved in the administration of examinations collaborated to develop a plan that would work best for students and faculty.

“We reluctantly went to the Sunday option (to replace Dec. 12 exams) because it allows us to replicate the cancelled day,” he said. “We think it is the method that best reduces the stress on students.”

Exams cancelled on Tuesday have been moved to the same time slot and location on Sunday, Dec. 17. This includes examinations scheduled by special arrangement by the
Centre for Student Development, the registrar's office or the associate deans' offices, as well as all deferred examinations from August and all instructor-invigilated exams.

Exams that were scheduled to be written on Monday night at 7:30 p.m. have been rescheduled to new times and locations.
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