posted on Dec. 11: Universities’ national association praises budget plans


The national association representing a majority of Canada's universities applauds federal budget spending on indirect research costs.

Robert Giroux of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada lauded the approach as a “winning strategy.”

Giroux said: “This has been an urgent need for Canada's universities for some time and we're delighted that the federal government has committed to making ongoing funding for the indirect costs of research a priority.”

The government pledged to provide $200-million in one-time funding to help support “world class facilities and respond to the needs of Canada's smaller universities in their efforts to become more research oriented.”
See the Daily News story Federal government announces funding for indirect costs of research for McMaster's response to budget measures that pertain to post-secondary education.

The budget, unveiled in Ottawa yesterday (Dec. 10), also calls for:

  • an extension of the education tax credit to people receiving Employment Insurance, allowing them to pursue post-secondary education
  • the maximum grant for exceptional costs under the Canada Study Grants for students with disabilities will be increased to $8,000 from $5,000<
  • a tax deduction for people receiving EI benefits while pursuing basic adult education.
  • $110-million dedicated toward a new internet architecture that links all research institutions.