posted on Aug. 3: MUSA dues increase approved


Members of the McMaster University Staff Association (MUSA) will pay higher union dues in September as a result of the approval of a motion yesterday.

The increase was approved by a vote of 246 to 58 at two separate special general meetings held in Chester New Hall. The dues increase will become effective on the Sept. 15 pay, the union said.

“Members did the predictable thing in voting to pay off the debt,” said Barry Diacon, MUSA president. “All unions need a level of dues that allows them to carry on a decent level of representation for their members. Members agreed that a percentage rate was more fair than a flat rate.”

MUSA said the dues increase was needed to pay off the $700,000 debt — $500,000 in strike pay incurred during a five-week strike in March and costs incurred while negotiating a first contract.

The approved motion reads: “That the MUSA membership dues rate be changed to 1.5% of standard gross monthly pay to become effective with the September 15, 2001 pay, the rate to be reviewed once the debt is retired.”