posted on Aug. 29: More than 2,700 students move in to residences this week


It's the most wonderful time of the year.

You know, you see the
commercials with the parents loading up school supplies….well, 2,782
students — members of the Class of 2005 — are moving into the McMaster residence system this week.

Housing & Conference Services is asking for co-operation from anyone coming on campus this weekend as heavy traffic and jammed parking lots are expected.

All residents moving into the north quad will enter campus north of the Ivor Wynne Centre. Cars will not be entering the Sterling Street gate but will be directed to turn right onto Forsyth Avenue, enter campus and move south through the Zone 1 parking lot.

Only McMaster employees and Hamilton Street Railway buses should be using the Sterling Street gate.

On the north side of campus, after cars unload, they will move directly to “longer term” parking opposite the Michael G. DeGroote building and in the centre of campus.

On the west side of campus, cars will be directed to Zone 6/7 parking
lots and marshalled to unload in front of Bates Residence and in
Lot 3 beside Moulton and Matthews Halls. Cars will also be
unloaded in front of Matthews and Wallingford on the road.

Employees are asked to not park in the following areas:

1. Lot 1 beside Hedden Hall and behind the football field and 10-acre field. All 600 parking spaces are needed for students moving in.

2. Lot 2 in front of the Commons Building and McKay Hall and across the
road from Kenneth Taylor Hall as well as the lot beside the Michael G.
DeGroote School of Business. The parking places on Stearn Drive directly across
from the Commons Building will be roped off at 5 p.m. today (Aug. 31).

Anyone coming in at the Sterling Street gate on Sunday is asked to use Lot 2 and park as close to Gilmour Hall as possible, or park beside/behind Wentworth House.

3. Lot 3 beside Moulton and Matthews Hall. Zone 3 beside
the E. T. Clarke Centre and Zone 4 will be used for long-term parent