posted on Aug. 20: McMaster collaborates with 31 universities for system-on-chip research


[img_inline align=”right” src=”” caption=”David Strangway”]McMaster engineering researchers are part of a nation-wide network studying microchip research and design.

The network links 250 Canadian technology researchers at 32 universities and research institutions across the country.

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is contributing $15.9 million to the project and the Ontario Innovation Trust contributed $6.2 million.

This is the first time a national network for “system-on-chip” research has been implemented on this scale anywhere in the world.

“This national project represents a unique Canadian model to link researchers and students at universities and research institutions in nine provinces,” said CFI president David Strangway.

“It will play a critical role in helping to position Canada's researchers and their industry partners at the forefront of microchip technology.”

Queen's University is leading the consortium of universities and research institutions who will partner with industry and create a national library of intellectual property. The national library will consist of microelectronic system components and computer-aided design tools, available to research sites through secure communication links.

Go to for background information on the “system-on-chip” research and a complete list of all institutions involved in the network.