posted on April 9: University to request proposal vote


The University has started the process with the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) to hold a supervised vote on the University's final offer. This means that, if the OLRB approves the request, all members of the McMaster University Staff Association (MUSA) will have the opportunity to vote on the University's final offer that was tabled on Thursday, April 5.

“The University has chosen to ask for the vote because we believe that all staff members should participate in a decision about whether to accept or reject the offer,” said Karen Belaire, vice-president administration. “The University is also concerned about the length of time that a Compulsory Arbitration Board might require before resolution. We believe that the staff are entitled to as rapid a resolution as possible and one they control.”

MUSA has requested a Compulsory Arbitration Board (CAB) from the OLRB. A decision as to whether a CAB would take place would be handed down within 15 days. If a CAB is granted, there is a risk that the process could run for a lengthy period of time. Without a resolution, no part of the University's final offer could be implemented in that period, including those articles that both parties have already signed off on.

Should the OLRB agree to the University's request for a supervised vote, it could take place as early as April 23.

The MUSA negotiating team advised its members in an e-mail today to return to work on Monday, April 9. “We're pleased that MUSA has directed its workers to come back and we look forward to their return to work on Monday,” says Belaire.