posted on April 5: Cancellation of exam in humanities


CANCELLATION OF EXAM IN HUMANITIES 2CO3 (Dr. Hitchcock's Section only)

Since the Office of the Registrar has not received a final examination for Dr. Hitchcock's section of Humanities 2CO3, scheduled to be written April 9, 2001, Senate Executive, on behalf of Senate, has decided that the exam is CANCELLED.

Because of this decision by Senate Executive, students who are registered in Dr. Hitchcock's section of Humanities 2CO3 will receive a “Complete” result on their respective academic transcripts in place of a specific grade.

Students receiving a result of “Complete,” in place of a final letter grade, will not be adversely affected academically. Students should be assured that this result will not affect their eligibility to graduate; to be eligible for awards; to qualify for Deans' Honour List, to proceed in their programme, etc.

Those students who still wish to write an exam in Humanities 2CO3 at a later date will be accommodated after the Office of the Registrar has received a final examination from the instructor. When the examination has been received, students will be offered the option of writing a rescheduled examination at the end of April, if feasible, or a Deferred Examination in July.

If you have questions, please contact your Faculty Office.