posted on April 3: University and MUSA going back to the table tomorrow


McMaster University and the McMaster University Staff Association (MUSA) were both advised last Thursday by the mediator that a break would be of assistance to both sides in the negotiations. Prior to the break, the University and MUSA had signed off on 10 articles, the University was waiting for MUSA to deliver their response on 10 articles and the remaining articles had not been discussed in the latest round of negotiations.

“MUSA has informed the mediator that they want to return to the table,” said Alan Harrison, chair of the University's bargaining team. “MUSA has asked the University for additional articles and we will deliver those tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. We are also hopeful that this call to the table from MUSA means that the union's bargaining team will return with their response to our material.”

The University and MUSA have both been in contact with the mediator and will resume bargaining on Wednesday with the mediator present.