posted on April 25: University, MUSA in Toronto today for pre-hearing meeting


The University and the McMaster University Staff Association will appear today (April 25)at the Ontario Labour Relations Board for a pre-hearing meeting. The pre-hearing meeting was scheduled in response to MUSA's application for a compulsory arbitration board to bring to closure the ongoing negotiations for a first collective agreement. Both the union and the University have indicated in writing that each is now prepared to consider voluntary arbitration, of the mediation-arbitration type, as a process to resolve their first contract negotiations.

Voluntary arbitration is an alternative to compulsory arbitration. The mediated-arbitration type would involve a third party who would first act as a mediator to assist and enable further agreement between the union and the University. In those cases where agreement was not achieved that same person would have the power to issue a binding award on the parties.

The parties will meet today to attempt to agree to the details of who will act as the mediator/arbitrator and to other aspects of the process.