posted on April 19: Two more campus renovation projects approved


The Board of Governors has approved the design and tendering
work for two campus renovation projects, totalling about $7.9

Renovations and upgrades will be made to the Psychology Animal Facilities. The project, estimated to cost about $7 million, will be funded partially through Superbuild funds from the province ($3 million) and the remainder from the University, although there are
Canada Foundation for Innovation proposals pending.

The work will be completed in two phases with design work
expected to be completed by June 30. The project will go to
tender in July and construction should start in August and be
finished in June 2002.

The third floor of the href=””>
General Sciences Building
will also be renovated as part of
the overall expansion for the Faculties of Science and

In May, the Department of Computer & Software Engineering will
move out of the area and into the newly renovated
T-16 building. Once renovated, the third floor space
will be home to personnel from the
School of Geography & Geology who are now housed in the north
wing of the Arthur Bourns Building.

Renovations will include
construction of new partitions, installation of new doors,
replacing vinyl tile floors, installing new lights, electrical and
Ethernet connections and sinks, upgrading the HVAC system
and painting.

The project, estimated to cost $912,000 using Superbuild funds,
will begin in June with construction expected to be completed in