posted on April 17: Students help spread the word about preventing cancer


Two McMaster students are helping distribute a survey produced by the Harvard Centre for Cancer Prevention that aims to educate students about cancer.

Nada Albatish and Cale Zavitz are distributing information about cancer and a Web-based survey designed to assess the risk of developing cancer. April is cancer awareness month.

The survey, which can be found at, uses a short series of questions to identify an individual's risk for 12 different cancers. It also identifies potential areas for lifestyle changes which can limit the risk, including decreased obesity, more physical activity, and quitting smoking. The students note that the survey is not a substitute for medical check-ups but it can help students decide if they need to consult a doctor. They suggest students access the Web site or write

The students are working with McMaster kinesiology graduate Damon A. Allan — now a graduate student at Tufts University — who is consulting at the Harvard School of Public Health.