posted on April 10: Labour ministry to supervise MUSA vote on final contract offer


MUSA members will have the opportunity to vote on the
University's final contract offer.

The Ontario Labour Relations Board this afternoon (Tuesday)
agreed to the University's request to hold a supervised vote. The
vote will be held Monday, April 23.

“A vote on the final contract offer gives all MUSA members the
opportunity to make their own choice,” says McMaster President
Peter George. “We hope they will take the opportunity to become
fully informed about the final offer before casting their ballots.”

The University requested the supervised vote after MUSA
indicated it would apply for compulsory arbitration.

George believes “the vote on the final offer provides for a more
timely and speedy resolution to the labour dispute. It enables
employees to enjoy sooner the improvements in wages and
working conditions that it offers.”

The University considers compulsory arbitration to be a less
preferred option since it would mean a third-party resolution to
issues by individuals who are not as familiar with the University.

Full details of the vote and how it will be held will be made
available as soon as they are finalized.

The University final contract offer can be found at the following
Web site href=””>http://hr.mcmast