Police investigating suspicious death


Hamilton, May 29, 2000 — On Saturday, 27 May 2000, at approximately 12:30 p.m., Clara Fali was found in her apartment by friends.

Fali was reported to have been last seen on Friday, 19 May 2000, by a colleague from McMaster University where Fali does research work in biochemistry. Fali was to attend Calgary on Friday, 26 May 2000, but was not found on her pre-arranged flight by friends who were at the airport to pick her up.

The Calgary friends grew concerned and contacted common friends in Hamilton to check on Fali. This is when she was found in her apartment.

Emergency staff attended the apartment to find Fali deceased. A post-mortem has been performed and investigators are awaiting further testing from the Centre of Forensic Science before a cause of death can be determined. Police are asking for assistance from any persons who may have known Fali or of persons who have knowledge of her movements in the past two weeks.

Detective Ray Rikic is the lead investigator and can be contacted at 546-3827.