PhD candidate in chemistry wins seat on Board


Cherif Matta, a PhD candidate in chemistry, has been elected as the graduate student representative on the Board of Governors.

Matta has a bachelor of pharmaceutical sciences degree and a graduate diploma in health services and hospital management. His term on the Board commences immediately and continues until Oct. 31, 2001.

Ballots cast in the graduate student election to the Board of Governors were counted on Monday, March 6. Board secretary Bruce Frank reports that the voter turnout was low, with only 163 graduate students casting ballots. The election was conducted online, using the new system developed by a team from CIS and the Board of Governors office.

Frank says there has not been a graduate student election for the Board of Governors since 1993, when only 144 votes were cast. Since that time, the graduate student position on the Board has been filled by acclamation; the seat has been vacant since last June and no names were submitted when a call for nominations was published in September.

There were five candiates in this election.