Parking at McMaster


The following message from Karen Belaire, vice-president administration, was distributed to the McMaster community Thursday afternoon:

Parking at McMaster

The success of the University in attracting top students, creating new
programs, attaining philanthropic support, and raising government and
research funds has provided enormous opportunities for McMaster to
expand and grow. This is reason to celebrate. However, this success
creates pressures in some areas that are challenging to manage. One of
the key areas is parking.

As the University's buildings expand, parking spaces have been lost.
Some of these are temporary losses, with spaces recaptured once
construction projects are complete. The University, through Parking &
Transit Services, the development of the Campus Plan that is currently
under way, and the new transportation committee, is working hard to
develop a comprehensive approach to parking and transportation issues.
This work will have considerable impact on the successful management of
parking in the future.

However, in the short term we face some considerable challenges that
will require the patience, understanding and flexibility of the campus
community. Everyone, regardless of where you park, will need to allow
extra time to get on and off campus. Those staff and faculty who are
able to adjust their work hours to avoid the busiest entry and exit
times should be encouraged to do so. Increased use of public
transportation is a good way to reduce the number of vehicles coming to
campus. Taking the bus won't be an option for everyone, but if it could
work for you please consider this route.

Guest parking, which is currently at a premium, will be under increasing
pressure. Already this fall, guests who arrive after mid-morning are
often unable to park in zones one or two and are then redirected to
other lots, including those on west campus. If you are expecting
guests, please advise them in advance that they need to allow extra time
to park.

Parking is also an issue for those staff members who have relocated to
the courthouse. A group of representatives from all units who have
moved downtown is working with Parking & Transit Services to address
these concerns.

I hope the following information on the newest parking changes is of
assistance. Parking Services and the Daily News Web site will continue
to keep you up to date on any parking developments.