New campus health and safety signage available, information on accessing campus, and other updates

Campus building health and safety signage now available

As we continue to focus on the health and safety of our campus community, the University’s Return to Campus Operations Committee has developed and made available campus building signage in preparation for the return to research activities.

The signage will be posted in all main buildings in areas to which research has been approved at this time including off-site locations, and includes directional, physical distancing and informational signage. Please be aware, the signage has been designed in accordance with public health information and physical distancing requirements. For that reason, it is critical that the signage is consistent across all buildings.

Facility Services will coordinate posting signage in predetermined public spaces within buildings (i.e. entrances/exits, hallways, washrooms, etc.). Please note, all buildings have been prioritized based on approved research activities.

You can find the signage package and order signs online for the interiors of labs through Media Production Services (MPS) at

As signage is only as effective as its placement, guidelines for posting signage will be provided on the MPS website.

Scientific Stores is ready to help as some research resumes

Scientific Stores carries a wide-range of products labs and other areas approved for research activities may need to access as they consider their health and safety needs.  Their services can be found at

Parking for researchers and research staff approved for access to campus

With the province allowing some expansion of research on campus, the university through the VP Research Office has provided a process for researchers to apply to have access to some research facilities.  For those who have received approval to be on campus and who previously parked in an upper campus lot, you are reminded to park in the same lot upon your return.

If you previously parked in a West Campus or the Ward Ave parking lot, you may use parking lots at the Underground Stadium, Lot I and Lot H. The parking gates will remain up for now as a temporary measure. You will be notified when Parking Services will reactivate the parking gates and commence parking payments.   While utilizing the parking lots, please respect physical distancing.

Access to campus

Provincial and public health restrictions on work places continue to be in place.  If you are able to perform your work at home, you should continue to work from home.  The majority of buildings on campus continue to be locked and secured and air conditioning is not available, or is at very low levels for most buildings.  Anyone with approved access to campus is reminded that working alone requirements are outlined in RMM#304.

Researchers that have been approved for return to campus are reminded that they are only to be on campus for work that requires access to labs or specialized areas and equipment.

New Health and Safety and HR resources

To help faculty members, supervisors and employees, Human Resources has created new online resources:

  • Workplace Health and Safety Guidance during COVID-19 – this new webpage provides information to assist the McMaster community that is approved to return to working onsite. You will find a framework for making decisions, hierarchy of hazard control and workplace checklists and guidelines for research lab use and fieldwork.
  • The HR COVID-19 web page has been refreshed and FAQs and have been updated (and will continue to be updated) to share commonly asked questions that we are currently receiving from employees and supervisors.

Taking vacation in 2020

It is important to take vacation.  Human Resources has developed a resources document with guiding principles for taking vacation during the pandemic.  You can find the details at