New awards bring increase in Ontario scholars


An endorsement from the University Budget Committee means McMaster will offer its Honour Awards for a second year next fall.

The news is being greeted enthusiastically by members of McMaster's Enrolment Management Team and the Faculty deans.

“Acceptances of McMaster offers of admission by Ontario high school graduates have increased tremendously this year. We believe the two key reasons for this success are the new Honour Awards and the guaranteed residence for Level I students,” says Fred Hall, associate vice-president academic and chair of the Enrolment Management Team.

Administrators also credit the Honour Awards program for an increase in the number of Ontario scholars who have accepted offers from McMaster. Hall says more than 600 additional scholars (80 per cent and over) accepted offers to McMaster, representing a 40 per cent increase in Ontario scholars over last year.

“We're pleased that the Budget Committee has agreed to continue funding for this new program, which has contributed to our success this year in recruiting students of the highest quality,” says University provost and vice-president academic Harvey Weingarten.

Under the Honour Awards program (introduced this year), high school graduates who earn 80 per cent and over in their final year of secondary school and who choose to attend McMaster University will automatically receive a McMaster Honour Award.

The admission scholarships reflect the value McMaster places on the academic accomplishments of its students. No applications are necessary for these awards which are based on a student's final admission average.

The awards are allocated as follows: 80-84.99 per cent, $750; 85-89.99 per cent, $1,000; and 90.0 per cent and over, $2,000.

Cost of the program is estimated at $2 million.