Meet Faculty of Science valedictorian Alyssa Georgescu

A headshot of Alyssa Georgescu 

Alyssa Georgescu will deliver the valedictory address at the Faculty of Science Convocation ceremony on June 12.

Faculty of Science valedictorian Alyssa Georgescu graduates June 12 from the Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour Department.  

We asked the McMaster graduate a few questions to get to know her ahead of her valedictory address. 

What’s a great piece of advice you’ve been given that you think other students could benefit from?   

One invaluable piece of advice I’ve received, and believe could greatly benefit other students, is to refrain from comparing ourselves to others. It’s easy to fall into the trap of measuring our progress against that of our peers, leading to feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome. Instead, we should focus on our own journey and path to success. Each of us has unique strengths, experiences, and aspirations, and success looks different for everyone. Embracing our individuality and charting our own course allows us to cultivate authenticity and fulfillment. 

Tell us about a favourite memory during your time at McMaster.   

Two days stick out in my memory. The first was the second-year “welcome day,” arranged for students who missed the chance to attend an in-person welcome week in 2020. It was a long-awaited event, finally allowing me to meet many friends I had only talked to online during my first year. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as we bonded over shared experiences.

Four masked students, including one wearing colourful Welcome Week gear, posing for a photo

The second memorable day was Light Up the Night 2023, a lively evening marking the end of our third year. The campus was lit up with lights and filled with vibrant energy as we gathered to celebrate our achievements. It was a refreshing break from studying, filled with music, laughter, and shared moments. These events added colour to my university experience and reminded me of the importance of connection and celebration during university. 

Best study spot on campus and why?   

My favorite spot on campus was  L.R. Wilson! There are stairs and desks on the upper floors where students can sit and study, plus it offers a great view of campus. It’s not the largest study area on campus, but the atmosphere, combined with my music, made it my go-to spot this year. 

What’s a piece of advice you’d give your first-year self?   

Looking back, I would advise myself not to worry so much about the future and to live more in the present. I was extremely anxious during my first year and when I came to campus in my second year, mostly because I was afraid of failure. It might sound corny, but failure is the best teacher (yes, I’m quoting Yoda)! Whether it’s fear of taking a specific course or fear of rejection from a club, if you’re interested, go for it! Genuine interest in topics goes a long way in retaining and learning concepts. 

What do you plan to do/see yourself doing in the future?  

I aspire to be a clinical psychologist. With the guidance of my mentors Dr. Sheryl Green, Dr. Louis Schmidt, and Dr. Mayu Nishimura, I have developed both the soft and hard skills needed to work towards this goal. This summer, I will continue working on my research from my 4th-year thesis. In August, I will start a new role as the clinical research coordinator at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s Women’s Health Concerns Clinic. I plan to continue my academic journey the next year by pursuing a master’s in clinical psychology, followed by a PhD. My research focus will be on women’s health psychology or child/adolescent psychology, though I haven’t decided which one yet. 

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