Meet Faculty of Engineering valedictorian Sheridan Fong

A headshot of Sheridan Fong. She is standing in front of a body of water.

Sheridan Fong will deliver the valedictory address at the Faculty of Engineering Convocation ceremony on June 11.

Faculty of Engineering valedictorian Sheridan Fong graduates June 11 with a degree in Software and Biomedical Engineering.  

We asked the McMaster graduate a few questions to get to know her ahead of her valedictory address. 

How has McMaster shaped the person you are today? 

McMaster has opened my eyes to new and diverse opinions, people and experiences. I have become a more open-minded, confident and knowledgeable person. Courses, extracurriculars, colleagues, and professors have contributed to my ability to adapt, easily learn and integrate into new situations. 

Tell us about a favourite memory during your time at McMaster. 

My favourite memories are creating video content! This past year I created content for the McMaster Engineering Society (@macengsociety) and Student Health Education Centre (@msu_shec) Instagram accounts. I loved being creative and being able to share my love for the organizations and all the amazing initiatives that they do! Planning, shooting and editing videos with students and friends was such a fun time. 

Sheridan Fong posing for a photo with the iron ring on McMaster's campus
After five years, Sheridan Fong is leaving McMaster with an iron ring and countless memories

Is there a faculty or staff member that helped you that you’d like to give a shoutout to?  

Dr. Heather Sheardown (Dean of Engineering) is amazing person and gives excellent guidance. When I served as the MES president, I had monthly meetings with Dr. Sheardown and she’s a great listener! She is super knowledgeable on leading teams and McMaster Engineering history (as she’s a MacEng grad herself). 

What’s a great piece of advice you’ve been given that you think other students could benefit from? 

There are tons of ways to volunteer and get involved with the McMaster and Hamilton community. Volunteering and getting involved on campus can seem scary and competitive but there are lots of opportunities to get involved off-campus. I remember wanting to volunteer when I was in first year and getting rejected from on-campus volunteer positions. I ended up looking for positions in the Hamilton community and got connected with a local soup kitchen. I’ve been volunteering there since and have immensely enjoyed meeting other members of the Hamilton community. My piece of advice is that if you want to volunteer you should look for opportunities both on campus and within the local Hamilton community. As well, your Presto card makes travelling around Hamilton easy.  

How do you think it is going to feel crossing the convocation stage?  

Definitely strange! It does not feel real that I am graduating. I can’t believe five years have flown by so quickly. I’m very happy with the person that I’ve become and everything I’ve been able to achieve, I am confident that I am leaving McMaster as a better person. 

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