Meet Faculty of Engineering valedictorian Olukemi Odujinrin

A headshot of Olukemi Odujinrin

Olukemi Odujinrin will deliver the valedictory address at the Faculty of Engineering Convocation ceremony on June 11.

Faculty of Engineering valedictorian Olukemi Odujinrin graduates June 11 with a degree in computer engineering.   

We asked the McMaster graduate a few questions to get to know her ahead of her valedictory address. 

How has McMaster shaped the person you are today? 

At McMaster, rather than fitting into a mold, we’re encouraged to define what it means to be a Marauder. This environment empowered me to bring my ideas to life and embrace continuous learning, supported by the McMaster community. I’ve become an eager sponge, always ready to learn from others and embrace new experiences. The ‘it takes a village’ proverb at McMaster means no student journeys alone, and I’ve felt empowered to ask for help whenever I’ve needed it. This support has been instrumental in my growth, shaping me into a confident, curious individual unafraid to pursue my passions. 

Is there a faculty or staff member that helped you that you’d like to give a shoutout to?  

A heartfelt shoutout to Professor Sorina Dumitrescu! During my third year, she taught COMPENG 3SM4 with enthusiasm, recognizing my active engagement in her class. I deeply appreciated her teaching approach and the valuable lessons she imparted. Professor Dumitrescu went above and beyond, supporting me in various academic and community endeavors, including my selection as Valedictorian. Thank you, Professor, for your unwavering support and guidance. It truly means the world to me! 

What’s a great piece of advice you’ve been given that you think other students could benefit from?  

Embrace the spirit of exploration and discovery while you’re young—it’s a time for taking risks and trying new things. This period offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with different paths, ideas and experiences, without harsh consequences. Reflecting on my journey, I’ve found that this mindset has been invaluable in understanding my strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Internships have provided me with the chance to explore various career avenues that I may not have considered initially. Whether it’s starting a small business or launching a new video game, by seizing these opportunities, you can gain so much confidence and clarity about yourself and your future endeavors. 

Two photos side-by-side. One shows Olukemi Odujinrin posing for a photo with the iron ring sculpture on McMaster's campus. The other show her posing for a photo with a fireball flame mascot.
Repping the fireball family: Odujinrin with the iron ring and Flare, the Faculty of Engineering’s fireball mascot

What do you plan to do/see yourself doing in the future? 

I’ve discovered a deep passion for technology and software, and my ultimate aspiration is to create something that benefits the world. Whether it’s in the realm of AI or mobile app development, I envision myself as a leader in the technology industry, leveraging innovation to drive positive change. My purpose is clear: to harness technology to advance society for the better. But my ambitions don’t end there. I’m committed to giving back to the community I come from. I want to inspire young minds to pursue engineering, providing them with the same opportunities I’ve had, in the hopes of enriching their lives, empowering their families, and strengthening their communities. 

Tell us about a favourite memory during your time at McMaster.  

One of my most cherished memories was the iron ring ceremony, especially having my parents there to witness me receive it. This ceremony is a milestone eagerly awaited by every engineering student, and I was particularly thrilled to share it with my father, who also studied engineering. It was a moment I treasured deeply, realizing the weight of responsibility I now carry. Holding onto that memory serves as a constant reminder of the privilege and significant accomplishment it represents. 

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