McMaster team to represent Canada at international engineering competition


A team comprised of five engineering and computer science students from McMaster University has qualified to compete in the prestigious Computer Science International Design Competition(CSIDC).

McMaster ranked in the top ten teams worldwide to qualify for this competition, which will be held in Washington D.C, on June 26-27.

The competition objective is to develop a device that will help individuals take better care of their own health. The McMaster team designed a Heart Care System that is intended to save lives by warning high-risk patients of onsetting heart attacks. This unit, when worn by the patient, uses state-of-the-art pattern recognition techniques and mathematical models to detect heart attacks and warn the patient to seek immediate medical attention. The unit will also feature interactive tools to help the patient live a healthier lifestyle.

The team is comprised of Ajay Arora, electrical engineering; Chris Lambacher, computer science; Joshua Capogna, engineering physics; Mona Kohli, computer engineering; and Wai-Yin Shum, computer engineering and management.

More information about the competition is available via the Web links listed below.