McMaster students, staff, graduates and faculty nominated for YWCA Hamilton’s Women of Distinction Awards

2019 YWCA Women of Distinction

Photo courtesy of YWCA Hamilton

32 women and workplaces with McMaster connections have been nominated for YWCA Hamilton’s Women of Distinction Awards.

“Now in its 43rd year, YWCA Hamilton’s Women of Distinction Awards recognize the achievements of women trailblazers in the Hamilton community,” says YWCA Hamilton’s website. “This prestigious award honours women who have demonstrated leadership, been an agent for change, made an impact, inspired and encouraged other women in Hamilton to take part in shaping the future of their own lives.”

In total, 66 women and seven local businesses were nominated for awards across nine categories.

The nominees with McMaster connections include:

Young Women of Distinction

  • Cassidy Bereskin (student)
  • Stephanie Bertolo (graduate)
  • Maddie Brockbank (student)
  • Vicky Verma (student)

Arts, Culture and Design

  • Amber Aasman (graduate)

Business Leadership, Entrepreneurship

  • Tammy Hwang (graduate)
  • Angela Pappin (graduate)

Community Leadership

  • Charu Kaushic (faculty)
  • Carolynn Reid (graduate)
  • Beth Webel (graduate)

Education and Mentorship

  • Nana Bonsu (graduate)
  • Kathryn Davis (graduate)
  • Zobia Jawed (graduate)
  • Andrea Leone-Bassindale (graduate)
  • Marisa Mariella (graduate)
  • Anna Moro (faculty)
  • Helaine Ortmann (graduate)
  • Janet Pritchard (faculty and graduate)
  • Jean Wilson (faculty and graduate)
  • Felicia Vulcu (faculty and graduate)

Outstanding Workplace

  • ArcelorMittal Dofasco (research partner)
  • MERIT Brewing (graduate owned)
  • The Other Bird (graduate owned)


  • Cheryl Evans (graduate)
  • Amy Montour (graduate)
  • Sheilah Laffan (faculty)

Science, Technology and Trades

  • Marie Elliott (faculty)
  • Sheila Singh (faculty and graduate)
  • Alyssia Jovellanos (student)

Lifetime Achievement

  • Helaine Ortmann (graduate)
  • Carolynn Reid (graduate)
  • Jean Wilson (faculty and graduate)

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