McMaster students, alumni share creative sides in short story, photography and poetry contests

A photo of two hands holding a blank notebook. The hands are resting on a desktop and a keyboard, computer and mug are partially visible. Coloured pencils, a ruler, compass and desk plant are sitting on the desk.

McMaster, we asked you to show your creatives sides and you did not disappoint.

The winners of the summer short story, photography, poetry and graphic design contests have been named by the McMaster Alumni Association.

Here’s who took top spot:

McMaster student Natalie Begley’s short story ‘Jungle of the world-widowed’ speaks to many who craved human connection during the pandemic. Read it here.

Haley McRae, a Mac graduate, was like many who found solace in nature throughout the pandemic, and it was while she was out in Cootes Paradise that she snapped this contest-winning photo.

A fragile, purple flower pokes out of a pile of brown leaves
Haley McRae is the McMaster Alumni Photography Contest 2021 Winner with her photo ‘Fleur of Cootes.’ (McMaster Alumni Association).

The joys of nature also prompted McMaster grad Rashna Wadia to pen this poem that will have you dreaming of brighter days ahead.

Nadim Farhan, a member of McMaster’s class of 2025, was in his home country of Sri Lanka when he shot this photo of the sun slipping behind the clouds, taking the warmth of the day along with it.

An image of a setting sun slipping behind the clouds. The photo is taken from a beach and a silhouette of a boat and a family are in the foreground.
Nadim Farhan is the McMaster Class of 2025: Photography Contest Winner with his photo taken on a beach in Galle, Sri Lanka (McMaster Alumni Association).

Micah Marcelino inspires courage in her fellow McMaster students with her poem ‘It’s time to heal.’

McMaster alumna Rebekah Loconte reminds us all of the power of education in her haunting short story ‘The Graduation.’

Hopefully the pandemic prompted you to enjoy the little things, like Mac student Shiuli Khanna says she did when she created this stunning graphic design that’s a delight to the eyes.

A highly-detailed graphic design showing parts of nature including birds, flowers and bees.
Shiuli Khanna is the McMaster Class of 2025: Graphic Design Contest winner. (McMaster Alumni Association).

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