McMaster grads are some of the most employable in the world

McMaster produces some of Canada’s most employable graduates, according to Times Higher Education.

The university ranked fifth in Canada and 74th worldwide (up one spot from 2016), in the Global University Employability Ranking 2017. About 6,000 employers and recruiters from 22 countries weighed in on which universities best prepare their students for the work force.

This year’s rankings centred on the need to equip grads to work in a fast-moving, rapidly changing digital world, and McMaster’s emphasis on hands-on, digital-focused learning puts it at the forefront of Canadian schools.

Employers also indicated they prefer McMaster graduates because the university helps build a strong base in leadership skills that are hard to replicate or automate, like managing projects and working with clients.

The survey is conducted by research institute Trendence and consulting firm Emerging, and published by the Times Higher Education.

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