McMaster discloses 1999 salary list


McMaster University is releasing today a list of salaries in accordance with Ontario's Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act. The list includes those employees whose 1999 income, as reflected on their T4 slips, met or exceeded $100,000. The 1999 taxable benefits have also been included. There are 142 names on the list.

“It is our responsibility to hire both the best faculty and the best administrators to ensure McMaster University can continue to provide high standards of excellence in research and education,” says Doug Barber, chair of McMaster's Board of Governors. “We must offer competitive salaries or we risk not being able to participate in what is now a global marketplace for the best faculty.”

McMaster University employs more than 3,400 faculty and staff. Total student enrolment is over 20,000. The University's annual expenditures exceed $329 million.

The list includes physicians who hold full-time academic appointments in the Faculty of Health Sciences and whose University-paid salary exceeds $100,000. Like other physicians, clinical faculty members also generate income related to the provision of health services.

Members of the public may access the salary disclosure information free of charge in the Office of Public Relations, Gilmour Hall, Room 121, weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The list may also be viewed via the link below.