Mac101 gives first-year undergrads the tools they need to succeed

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McMaster’s Student Success Centre is answering questions and building community with a new online orientation program for first-year undergrads called Mac101: Introduction to University Life.

The week-long program, which takes place from July 15-30, will introduce undergrads new to Mac to the tools, connections and services they’ll need to thrive. Each day will focus on a different theme, including Academics, Student Life, Community Building, Parents/Family, Finances, and Student Services.

At least some of the topics have been taken from What I Wish I Knew, an ongoing Instagram takeover series run by @MacSSC.

“Some of the most common questions we receive are about how to get involved with the university,” says Chantalle Byrne, student staff at the SSC and a master’s student. “I believe that especially for this year, with classes being online in the fall, first-years are wanting to make sure they can still be a part of the McMaster community and have the fullest experience possible.”

For Chelsea Torregosa, another student staffer with the SSC and a third-year undergrad, taking advantage of academic workshops, like note taking, would have helped her in first year – and Mac101 is a great first step for incoming first-years.

“There are so many opportunities to learn something you never knew you needed to know,” she explains. “Students can listen to the stories of upper-year students or learn about academic skills that might actually benefit their study habits. There is always an opportunity to learn more if you are willing to say yes and give some of your time.”

Along with key academic skills, Byrne points out that Mac101 is also a perfect way for undergrads to start to feel connected to campus – especially since the fall term will be fully online this year.

“During a time when we are all far away from each other, there is heightened importance to feel the community at McMaster,” she says. “It’s a very easy and interactive way for incoming students to become informed about important things such as finances, academics and student life. This is also a great way for students to have any questions answered, engage with their new classmates and learn about everything they need to know before starting classes in the fall.”

To learn more about Mac101: Introduction to University Life, including the full schedule and registration details, visit the Student Success Centre website.