Mac grad celebrates learning new things in podcast series

Kaitin Jingco sitting on a skateboard on an open road, smiling at the camera

Learn with Lels takes you on an adventure of lifelong learning with Kaitlin “Lels” Jingco, '14.

Trying something new can be a little bit intimidating for some and downright scary for others. For Kaitlin “Lels” Jingco, it’s all part of the fun of navigating life in her 20s, an adventure she’s more than happy to share with the world.

“I feel like the world would benefit from hearing about other people and their experiences,” says Jingco, who celebrates her learning journey in her podcast, Learn with Lels.

“Learning should be a lifelong thing. So, that’s what I am doing – learning from others by hearing their stories.”

Since the first episode aired in 2019, Jingco has chatted with more than 30 people about wide variety of topics. From body positivity to van life to managing finances, the series offers diverse perspectives and insight into how to manage day-to-day life just a little bit more easily.

“On top of lifelong learning and growth, I hope the podcast entertains while encouraging people to be more empathetic toward others, especially people who have different backgrounds than them,” she says.

“I feel that you can’t really dislike someone if you know where they’re coming from, and if we could all be slower to judge and quicker to listen, that would make the world a better place.”

Some things you can’t learn at school

Jingco graduated from McMaster in 2014 with a degree in kinesiology. Soon after graduating, she tapped into her love of writing and switched gears. She started the Learn With Lels blog (which grew into the podcast), and joined a graduate program in journalism and communication at Western University in London, Ont.

“My time at Mac was great. I have lots of great memories,” Jingco says. “A lot of my closest friends have come from Mac.”

Her connection to the university has helped her find more people to talk to and learn from, she says.

“I recently posted an interview with someone who works at Mac in the Office of Sustainability, and it just makes sense to reach out to my old school and speak to someone who is an expert in the field.”

Future episodes will continue to explore diverse topics, from sustainable fashion to mental health to surfing in Lake Ontario.

“I feel that lifelong learning is important for everyone, and you can learn from anyone. There’s a diverse group of people who I’ve talked to, which is purposeful,” Jingco says. “

It’s important for people to realize that yes, you do learn a ton in school, but you should continue to learn more and grow and meet new people and learn about their backgrounds.”

You can check out Learn with Lels  here whereever you go for your podcasts.

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