Lockdown effective December 21: Here’s what will change on campus

As Hamilton enters the grey-lockdown zone for the next 28 days, there are a few changes that will primarily impact researchers and a small number of students with in-person components of classes.

The province announced Friday that Hamilton will enter lockdown as of 12:01 a.m. Monday, Dec. 21. Additional restrictions are expected to be announced by the province on Monday.

The lockdown will be in effect for a minimum of 28 days, which means it will continue to be in place when the Winter term is scheduled to begin. Although the majority of classes will be virtual, there are some in-person components scheduled for the Winter term. The university is assessing the situation and students with in-person components can expect updates from their course instructors in the coming days.

Open and closed

Bookable study space in the library remains open with a limited number of spaces available through to end of day, Dec. 23. Pickup services at the library have stopped for the term.

MUSC remains open until end of day Dec. 24 to allow for access to the pharmacy and dentist, but the majority of services, including Union Market and TwelvEighty, are closed. La Piazza is also being closed for the holidays, with delivery meals for residence students and arriving international students who are quarantining to continue over the university closure period as planned.

Research during lockdown

With Hamilton moving into lockdown, McMaster is implementing new research directives, specifically with respect to the training of research personnel and research involving human participants. In essence, the university has returned to Phase 1 of its Return to Research, although specific details are still being worked out. More details can be found on the Vice-President, Research website.

COVID-19 Testing & Reporting

COVID testing is important if you show any symptoms of COVID or if you have been in close contact with someone with a confirmed case. The University reports any current confirmed positive COVID-19 cases on this regularly updated page on its COVID site.

McMaster asks all students, faculty and staff to go onto Mosaic to report positive COVID-19 test results or close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19.

This tool will help the university track confirmed and probable cases on campus and ensure appropriate cleaning and safety protocols are put into place promptly.

The results from this optional reporting are sent directly to McMaster’s Rapid Response team to ensure appropriate measures are taken where required.

McMaster COVID-19 information is available on the university’s COVID-19 website